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After our GREAT delays on Heroic Spoils, I am happy we were able to pound out Heroic Thok in an effective 2 raid days. We performed extremely well on Thok and I look forward to seeing the rest of the tier.
Additional Notes: Welcome Belten to the core. I look forward to seeing more from you my little mage friend!
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13/13H The tier is over

Lifebløøm a posted Aug 14, 13
I have the screenshots at: and  
I will be adding them when I get time. And I will add more to this post lol
Great job guys! CTBW is recruiting DPS!!!

Dark Anus Slain

Lifebløøm a posted Aug 7, 13


Lifebløøm a posted Jul 26, 13
We are looking to get Heroic Lei Shen and Heroic Ra-den down before the tier is over.
We are recruiting skilled dps to join us in our goal.